The Internet is faster this morning, so I’m going to upload more party pics. By the way, I’m feeling MUCH better — I can’t believe how quickly I’ve recovered from my cold. Today (Thursday) we’re going to visit a couple orphanages; Genevieve will film and I’ll play with the kids — I brought bubbles! I also wanted to mention that on our walk to the Royal Hotel this morning, we passed the president going to work! There was a whole fleet of UN cars, sirens blaring, to escort her. We didn’t see which car she was in, but we were in her presence! 


The kids gobbled up their meals — I ate the rice and macaroni salad too. It was delish!

Kids eating

 Here are some kids sporting their backpacks, which were filled with new black shoes.

Kids with backpacks

Liberia’s Angel, MacDella Cooper, cheers on kids in the dance competition.


Isn’t this girl ADORABLE?

Sunglasses girl

Here’s Genevieve, the best third-world travel buddy I could ever ask for, fascinating the kids with the replay on her video camera.


This is Prince dancing. I swear he could be the next Will Smith. There was something very special about this kid. He seemed more American than Liberian. He didn’t have the sorrow in his eyes that most orphans have (before you start to play with them and take their pictures, that is — then you can make them smile!).


Here’s another of me surrounded by the kids. Genevieve and I found that even when we told the kids to “smile!” for pictures, they kept a straight face. I don’t think it’s because they’re upset — it’s probably just their custom. But when we would show them the photo on the camera screens, they’d smile a mile wide.