Yesterday, we went to one of the orphanages MCF supports to measure the feet of kids who will be attending Tuesday’s Christmas party. MacDella has boxes full of donated shoes in her apartment. The kids need them desperately — right now, they wear tattered flip-flops or sandals. Without any sort of tape measure or ruler on hand, the only way we could think to match the kids up to shoes was trace their feet on pieces of notebook paper. (We can’t fit them at the party, because there aren’t enough shoes to go around for all 500 kids). Here are some pictures of the kids. They don’t talk much at first, but they always smile.


Plus, the kids are total hams for the camera (remember Genevieve is filming a documentary). She asked them to give her a “tour,” and they brought us to their dining hall. Meals are probably the highlight of their day. I asked what they had for lunch. One little girl tried to fool me and said “a horse,” but then she said she really had cornmeal.

I love this photo of Genevieve and a little girl who was fascinated with the camera.


One of the great things about living with MacDella and her foster children (Belle, Leila, and Hajal — plus Marcie, the college-aged girl who helps out) is seeing how taking children out of orphanages transforms them. All three of MacDella’s foster kids flourish. Belle, the three-year-old, is as cute as they come. Yesterday morning, she was enthralled by the cover of the book I’m reading, “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert, and spelled out every single letter on it. Leila enjoyed my iTunes last night, and requested music by Diana Ross and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Luckily, I had both.

Today, we’re visiting another orphanage to do the same sizing — then, MacDella’s apartment will transform into a sort of Santa’s workshop and we’ll begin matching the presents to each kid!