Just dropping a quick note to let you know I made it safely to Liberia! We got to MacDella’s apartment at 10:30pm last night. It was like being in a time warp – two days went by in flight, but it felt like one. Right now, I’m using the wireless Internet at the Royal Hotel, where we’re also having breakfast. MacDella’s Internet isn’t working right now, but hopefully we’ll get to come back here soon so I can share the pictures I take.

The girls who live with MacDella are adorable — at first, they were so shy but they’re warming up to Genevieve and I now. They happen to watch Disney Channel in Liberia, so we easily bonded over a shared affinity for “Hannah Montana” and “High School Musical.”

But don’t get the wrong idea — driving through the city, you would see that most kids don’t have the luxury of watching the Disney Channel. They walk in the streets and help their families run their roadside businesses and sell things for pennies, just to afford food. MacDella said this part of Monrovia — which faces the ocean — used to be so beautiful, the best real estate in Liberia. But after 1990, it was torn apart by the civil war and is still rebuilding.

Thanks for checking in. I’ll have pictures for you next time!